Monday, February 11, 2008

Savin' Money

I am so stinkin' proud of us this weekend!

First of all, Conrad hung the new light in the dining room. I no longer fear for my hair! I got this from my sister- a Thomas Kincade fixture it's black and brown - metal and wood, BEAUTIFUL! It was missing some pieces- the chain and the mounting plate. We went to Home Depot and spent about $10 for the missing pieces. Not bad for a brand new light! I will post a pic this week.

While Conrad was hanging that, I went off to repair my black Chico's shirt I told ya'll about the other day. It was $68 about five years ago. It's my FAVORITE shirt and it was turning gray and white in places. Broke my heart! I think after all this time, because I wore it at LEAST once a week - it was really just pennies per wear. I really got my money out of it! I was so so so sad when it bit the dust. Chico's carries this shirt year round, it's a staple, but with the wedding, etc- I did not want to pay another $68 plus whatever the five years inflation is on that. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought some RIT dye for $1.52 and figured it wouldn't hurt. Yesterday I sat at the stove and boiled my shirt and dye while Conrad put up the light. GOOD AS NEW! I am wearing it today and I look FAB. I SAVED MY SHIRT! I saved $68- I need an award!!!

Also Conrad just is so good to me... he let me have some space in the garage to set up this little shelf. I wanted to put my garage sale treasures out there. Sometimes I pick up frames and things like that- that I can use at a later date... or books or just whatever and there's really no room in the house for that kinda stuff right now- at least not in it's current state. Once I rehab it and either give it away or bring it in the house for a function, it's fine, but we have no free space to just have things sitting around... So I needed an area to keep it and he graciously let me have some space- I won't tell you the story about how I found a baby snake in the garage as I was setting up- but I DID, and don't let Conrad tell you it was a grass snake, because he didn't even SEE it and it was brown and had designs on its back- it was as much of a grass snake as I am ... and it hissed at me and was very ferocious and probably loaded with lethal poison... and I realize it was only 8 inches long, but the little ones are the ones you have to watch out for- and where there's a baby, there IS a mama CONRAD- but you know, whatever- another story for another time.... I very bravely got a big stick and a broom and made it go out into the street, where I did ponder chopping his little snake head off, but just couldn't kill one of God's creatures, although if he had the chance, he would have bitten me. I could see it in his beady little eyes.... and all this occured while Conrad was blissfully taking a nap and I was outside protecting our house and baby schanuzer --- but you know, whatever. It was a GRASS snake. HA! It was not - it was more like a Diamondback or maybe one of those King Cobras. I did not see a rattle but maybe he was such a baby he hadn't grown his rattle yet. I don't know.

We did SO good this weekend AND we ate at home every single night for supper... Fri, Sat and Sunday. We did the Hawaiian Chicken, we did Bacon Wrapped Chicken on the Grill and Soft Tacos. We did very very well and saved tons o' money this weekend!

We also got our first wedding gift- the cutest little greenhouse from my Aunt Beth, Uncle Michael and Cousin Hope. They won't be able to attend the Dallas Bridal Shower this weekend, so they sent their gift. They totally DID NOT have to do that, but it's so nice... I will start growing my herb garden in it as soon as April gets here! For anyone who attends a shower or something and then comes to the house before the wedding, don't get your feelings hurt if you don't see your gift out. I can't use anything until the wedding is over... that's the rule (sad rule) but the rule none the less! So I have carved out some nice space in the garage for everything until we can use it. I am hoping no baby snakes make this like their nesting ground, but just pray for me and it will be alright.

Thanks to all my family and friends who love me and are making this a really super special time for me and Conrad. We love you all!

KC and B


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note! I loved all your comments and I see that you are a thrifter too. So nice to meet more of you out there in blogland. I love sharing money-saving ideas too! Please come back & visit me often.


Rebecca said...

Good for you. We were soooo baaad this weekend. We went our for fabulous dinners on Saturday and Sunday! Bad, Rebecca, Bad!