Friday, February 8, 2008


It's been a looooooooooong week in Abercrombie/Hopkin's Land! It seemed Friday would never get here. Thankfully, we both worked really hard last weekend on projects and errands, so we don't have a ton to do this weekend.

I told you about our lovely mudhole that sits between our house and the neighbors. Conrad made up an impressive little brick design - but of course, there are small areas on the sides of the design that need little bitty bricks- so Conrad purchased himself a grinder and this weekend, he'll cut some small pieces of brick and complete his project. I think it looks GREAT! I am all about adding value to the house. I did it with mine in Dallas and I loved knowing I was improving things and making an investment. I also think Conrad is going hang our new dining room light (big thanks to my sister for the donation!) ... because the one we have now is gold and tacky (sorry Conrad) and also it hangs so low, it about burns your eyebrows off when you're sitting there. I've also been known to break out in a sweat - needing to get up and get some water. Not to mention this new light is just much more modern. How come when they build houses they put the cheapest stuff on the earth in there? You're already paying a fortune for your house- they should at least put decent stuff in there- the old light is a fire hazard! I can't hardly wear hairspray in my hair if I plan to sit at the table, for fear my entire head will go up in flames...

I don't have much to do this weekend. I need to do some shopping for the people hosting my shower in Dallas and I'm in charge of a birthday here at Westlake next week- getting the present ... I also need to scoot by the library, but after that, there's not a ton to do. I imagine we'll grill out- we make FABULOUS Hawaiian Chicken (just like Steak & Ale) so I think we'll do that one night- and we have some Netflix movies to watch - Stardust with is sort of a magical movie and The Queen which I think was Oscar nominated last year- it's about the Royal Family and their response to Princess Diana's death- you know, they were so stoic and showed so little emotion- I think it enraged the British people ... I had wanted to watch this for a long time, but you know- life gets in the way!

Talked to the minister last night. He is NOT going to have time to see us next weekend and that may mean I don't meet him until the rehearsal dinner. I'm not sure if we can get back to Dallas again before the wedding- so he is sending us some books and tapes he gives all engaged couples. I'm interested to see what that is ... I like self improvement stuff - Conrad and I really do get along great, so I don't think we need "counseling" per sea... but a little help is always appreciated.

That's it- TGIF to you all!