Monday, February 4, 2008

A Hit!

Stupid-Bowl dinner was a hit!

First let me say that I disliked BOTH teams, but I have a burning hatred for the Patriots and I am SO glad they didn't get their perfect season. I'm sure Tom was disappointed and many fans around the world were disappointed and all I have to say to that is- so was I, a few weeks back, when Yoko Romo destroyed the Dallas Cowboys chances to get to the Super Bowl and I had to deal with it... so I suggest all the New Englanders do the same.

I began Stupid Bowl day by getting up early and making Conrad some blueberry muffins from scratch! How about THAT?! They were awesome... I love fresh blueberries... and this recipe is wonderful. We had a nice breakfast... Now... dinner turned out well. I had gotten a rack of ribs from a friend of mine at work. Her daughter's softball team BBQ's ribs and briskets every year and I bought a rack. DELISH! We both were very impressed- and Conrad doesn't even much care for ribs. I also went over to The Pioneerwoman Cooks blog and got her recipe for the baked chicken drumettes. They turned out GREAT and I made some homemade ranch dressing to go with it. YUM-O! ... and then I cooked up a few pizza rolls, cause why not?! It was a hit. We ate GOOD last night.

Tonight I am going to roast some red potatoes in the oven and combine them/toss them with a little of that homemade ranch and make sort of a salad, I guess... I ranch potatoe salad- and of course, make the Marlboro Man Sandwich I have been waiting to debut to Conrad.

I hope he likes it!!!!

Love and Best Dishes (I ripped that off from Paula Deen)