Sunday, February 24, 2008


Some Dallas Wedding Shower pics to share!

My sister and our cousin, Misti (a mama to be!) are shown in one...

then three of my very cloests friends: Carolyn, Sunny and Toni

You can see my friend Candice, in some of these pics (writing down the gift list for thank you notes) too. Candice and I went to high school together- along with Conrad, (who she looooooooved) but alas, Candice and I did not get along, until long after we were adults... we were not friends in high school- I think we may have even avoided each other... and now that I know her, I have no idea why. She's so pretty and funny and I just love her to bits. I'm so glad she could come and well, she loved Conrad first- it was only fitting she was there! ... and Candice is also a mama to be (again)!

I look SO much like an Abercrombie in this picture- a mix of my daddy and Aunt Ann

Neiman Marcus Cookbook!

Super model!

We had such a good time- over 20 people showed up and in the pouring, cold rain. I appreciate it and will cherish the day. My sister-in- law to be hosted this shower and did an AWESOME job. The theme was PINK and I felt like the Queen for a Day!

Thank you again!