Monday, October 6, 2008


The weekend's pass too quickly ...

But we had a good time and we did go to the wedding mentioned in my Friday post. It was beautiful, held at a really nice place (Shirley Acres)and she looked GREAT ... and I am just fine post- wedding. :) I was able to confirm that our wedding was very "us" and perfect for us. We are just not formal people- and this was a formal wedding. Her colors were blue and I think white ... she had the orchestra there to play her wedding march- and it was held outside. Pretty white chairs on the lawn, she walked into a structure outside (not a gazebo) I'm not sure what it was- but it was white and trimmed out in clear Christmas lights. The reception was inside the hall ... pretty white tables with white chairs ... and big silver candleabras filled with white flowers. They had a DJ - and her cake was four tiers ... looked like white icing with the blue ribbon on the bottom of each layer and I think it had edible silver pearls on it (my piece didn't have pearls - but I saw it on someone else's).

Anyway, just confirmation that we did the right thing. A lot of people referred to our wedding as a "party" and for a long time, I didn't like that ... because it WAS a wedding ... but now I can see it can be a little bit of both...

Then yesterday we watched the Dallas Cowboys win. YAY! But I'm really not sure they deserved too ... it was a nailbiter. For me, at least. We also took naps and I cooked some meatloaf and potatoes for dinner ... it was a good weekend, just too short- like all weekends are.


Oh- and this was funny ...
"OJ Simpson was found guilty Friday on charges of armed robbery, assault and kidnapping, but really murder." — Seth Meyers on SNL's Weekend Update