Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Peek at Conversations

Two recent conversations between Conrad and myself:

* (Conversation One) Conrad was in the den, sorting through CD's and getting some new ones to put in his truck. Background on this was that Ricky Nelson, of Harriet and Ozzie fame, had two sons that put together this cheesy "hair band" in the 80's and I LOVED them- I think I was the only one. Their tape was pink and sort of an aqua color.

Me: Do you have Nelson? From 1989?

Conrad: Um, No!

Me: Oh I loved that song ... (singing a few bars) 'There she goes, just like an angel ... seems like forever since she's been on my mind' ... I totally still have their tape! Do you have the CD?

Conrad: *sigh* No. But I saw them in concert once- they opened for someone else I had gone to see

Me: Omigod! YOU saw Nelson?! YOU saw Matthew and Gunner?!!!!! I am SO jealous!

Conrad: (Disapproving look ... like HOW could you know their names?)

* (Conversation Two) Conrad and I are at a restaurant and it's my turn to pay ... I sign my debit card slip and say ...

Me: Hey! I remember to sign my name right now

Conrad: What?

Me: *sigh* my married name. I remember to sign "K. Hopkins" now ...

Conrad: .....and you didn't before?

Me: No. I had problems remembering ... but now I am remembering all the time

Conrad: You SHOULD remember

Me: HEY! I had "Abercrombie" for 32 years ... it's hard to remember to change ... and I didn't HAVE to change

Conrad: Yes you did

Me: No I didn't ... you don't REALLY care if I am a Hopkins or an Abercrombie. But I did it for YOU.

Conrad: You did SO have to change ... I am SO writing this in my memoirs!!!

... and there you go. A day in the life of Conrad and Karyn