Thursday, October 30, 2008

Conrad's People

I don't think this cold is going to leave me until my last breath does. I am so so so so miserable. I had to sleep sitting up last night and Conrad has been in the guest room for three days now. I am so very sick. I wish I had a week's vacation so I could sit at home and get over it.

But alas, this post is about Conrad's people ... we went to a family reunion on Saturday in Gilmer, Texas. This would be all the brothers and sisters (and their families) of his mother's father - who passed away about two years ago. I think there are only two sisters left out of a LOT of kids ...

Anyway, so we attended at the Cherokeen Baptist Church there in Gilmer and we happened upon a fellow by the name of Travis who is somewhat of the family historian ... and I told Travis, that I was very very sad that Conrad did not know who his people were/are. I told him that the best we could figure was he was at LEAST a fourth generation Texan, but that Conrad likes to torture me with made up stories about his Yankee ancestors ... and how he yearns to go back to the "Jersey Shore" ... so I asked Travis to fill me in. AND OH DID HE.

Travis says that the McKinley family started out in the motherland (it turns out for both Conrad AND me) of Scotland - somewhere back in the 1500's it was documented that a whole mess of them started out for Ireland. Also PERFECTLY acceptable! They dropped some folks off, picked some folks up and continued on to what is known as Mississippi, present day. (I am also on board with this- southern is southern) ... this is where it gets good! It appears that a few of them decided to go on eastward to the great states of NORTH AND SOUTH CAROLINA - where the present day McKinley's actually hail from. SHUT UP!

Conrad looked absolutely mortified to learn that the state(s) he had been making fun of for three years are actually his home state(s) TOO!!!! WAAA HAAAA HAAA HAAA .... it appears a rebel bunch of the McKinley's broke off and decided to be cowboys and headed to Texas ... BUT they came from North and South Carolina! HA!

It's too funny to me that after 30 something years the man I find and marry happens to be a Scotsman from the Carolinas. Not that he's not proud of his heritage he's just disappointed he can't ask me anymore if my family wears shoes or use terms like "Uncle Daddy" ... he'd be making fun of his own people.

Sorry Conrad!



Dickie said...

..and don't forget what that moonshine drinking older lady told you about south carolina boys!