Friday, October 3, 2008

Good News

The Tomball Branch of the library is opening today!!! They are open for regular hours and since this is my last day on the 6-3P shift, I will be there in PLENTY of time to get my holds!!!! They said they will hold them until next Wednesday, but that is SO NOT necessary!!!! I will be there today by 4. SWEET! A weekend full of reading.

We also have a wedding to attend on Saturday ... my first since my own wedding. Conrad was laughing at me because I am such a GIRL. I told him I like the girl who is getting married and weddings are always fun and happy ... but I'm scared I'm going to get there and see an idea she has that I will WISH I had done. Trust me, I thought and over-thought everything we did. The colors, the music, the cake, the favors, everything ... and I really and truly can't think of a thing I'd do different ... but then I see sometimes a wedding blog or a book and I think CRUD! I could have TOTALLY done that and people would STILL be talking about the wedding ... but to be honest, people still are talking about it. The food was phenomenal and I bet the best wedding food anyone has ever had. If you ever have a chance to eat County Line BBQ- DO IT ... their sausage is the BEST ... and I also think the people who danced had a good time.

So we'll go to the wedding and have a good time and I'll try not to look at things and wish I had done them - the ultimate Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

Happy Friday! ... and Happy October. This is my FAVORITE month!!!!



Liz said...

I feel you on this one... I do that at weddings too. "That cake is so much better than ours was!" "The bridesmaid dress color is prettier." We cant help it. It's a woman thing. :)