Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AIG, New Cousins, Conrad


Well ... goodness ...

First of all, my friend Darlene (Arkansas) made me smile this morning. I suppose she was emailing me about my post yesterday- the gist of it was- hush up- you get to go home to Conrad! Hmmm.... GOOD POINT! Things could be worse! I am VERY lucky to get to go home to Conrad. I mean, have you SEEN HIM?

I have a new cousin- little Jacob Hartmeyer. My cousin Misti had him on Friday night ... he's SUPER cute ... and in his pictures looked wide awake and alert. I am no baby expert, but I know that's unusual ... he's gonna be smart!

AIG um- wow. These companies that are coming out of the woodwork "needing bailout" are just ridiculous. Obama brought this up last night in the debate, but Conrad told me first. A WEEK after getting an $85 million or billion or whatever bailout ... they went on a $400,000 weeklong luxury report spa business meeting. Things like this just MAKE ME SICK. No wonder we are in the trouble we are in. Why aren't these people being fired. HEY- remember Enron? Remember how we put the execs in JAIL? Why aren't these people in Jail? Lehman Brothers- JAIL ...

I would have to hope whichever one is elected, things HAVE to get better- otherwise, we're in a timemachine straight back to 1938. Think about that when you're voting- REGISTER immediately to vote ... you don't have a right to complain when you don't even make an effort to vote.