Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Common Sense

My daddy has always said I have no common sense. Smart? Sure ... Book Smart? Absolutely ... I never had to study. If I read it or you tell me, I can remember anything ....

But he says I have no common sense- no "street smarts" ... my retort has always been You Don't Know Me! (In my head ... I'm not crazy...)

Um ... turns out he does. Know me, that is.

One of the worst casualties of the hurricane, for me, was my local library ... it must have had some bad wind and water damage - it's closed until October 6th. If you know me, you know this has caused some major panic in my life. HOW would I live with no library for THREE WEEKS?! I had stuff on hold there ... things I was planning on reading! I got on Amazon and Barnes and and looked for bargain books. $3.58 ! You want me to pay $3.58 for a book I will read ONE time!? I'd get all the way to the checkout and then back out - I can't bring myself to pay for a fiction book. Non-fiction, sure! Fiction, no way - because I only read them once. This was just awful. I was depressed and I took to reading garage sale books and books I had been given I had not much interest in. It was kind of a depressing two weeks ... then I went online one day to check on the status of my library ... and I saw a listing for all the other branches- and their status.


Holy crap! I had forgotten the Harris County Public Library system had other branches. Or maybe I never knew. I have a tendancy to get used to something and sort of never come out of my little box. Point IS- yesterday after work I stopped at another library on the way home from work and got my fix.... and point IS most other humans would have known to resort to Library Branch # 2, or 3 or 7 ....

... and this morning when I woke up and was leaving for work, I saw that Conrad had left me a letter to take to work and mail. What was it? His voters registration! Conrad is SERIOUS as a heart attack about his gun control, apparently.... funny what your subconscience will make you do. :)