Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Close Call

I almost fell off the wagon. I did good- I ate my lunch here at work yesterday (the lunch I brought) ... and on the way home I started dreaming of Gringo's Mexican Restaurant ... I was ABOUT to fall off the wagon and call Conrad to tell him to meet me there - when Conrad called ME to ask me what we were having for dinner. I couldn't answer and betray myself- so I just brilliantly said "I don't know" ... and then he saved me/us. He said he had to stop at Home Depot and didn't want me to wait to eat - so he told me to make my salad and pizza rolls and he would have his Frito Pie. WHEW! He saved us! I went right home, turned on the oven and there was no going back. It was SO HARD not to swing into the Popeye's Chicken parking lot ... I could TASTE those red beans and rice!!!! Once I was eating my pizza rolls though, I knew it was the right decision just a temporary set back ... today I have brought my lunch again and I am looking forward to the grilled cheese tonight. SO close to the goal!!!!

and tomorrow I get to have my Berry Hill tamales!!!!

We've had some problems with Ms. Blanca lately ... she can't seem to sleep through the night. For the past few nights she gets up in the middle of the night and whines at the end of the bed and FINALLY jumps down and starts making all kinds of noises ... calm, collected and mild mannered Conrad just LOST it last night. All I remember is being awakened at about 1:30 this morning by a big, yelling Conrad hollering "BLANCA!? BLANCA!? Where are you? This is going to STOP. TONIGHT IT STOPS!" .... He was shuffling around the bed muttering "where is she?" .... I was tired, no lie ... and she has been annoying me lately with this - but it was pretty funny to see Conrad completely lose his cool like that. I'm pretty sure the two of them will be having a discussion tonight about her behavior. She is queen of the roost though, so God be with him - he'll probably lose the argument. She has a way of looking at you, like you're stupid, that you come away wondering if you really are ... the girl has TALENT!