Friday, October 10, 2008


Just call me "KO" - that stands for KNOCK OUT!!!! Which is what I did last night on my Wii boxing game. I had a KO in the first round. WHOOP!

Goodness, Wii wore me OUT last night. First I got on the Wii Fit and did hula hooping, running, two stength training exercises and a crappy step work out ... then I boxed for 7 rounds (3 minutes each) ... I'd say a good thirty minutes. Is it as good as getting out and running 2 miles in the neighborhood? NO- of course not, but it DOES get you moving on a week night when you have no energy for an actual "workout" ... it just gets you up and moving. Which is mostly what I need. I have to say the people at Nintendo are geniuses. We've been complaining for years that kids are game addicts and never move, never go outside anymore. Well you move on this guy!

No big weekend plans. We have the A&M game and the Cowboys game to watch. I went grocery shopping yesterday and loaded us up on good stuff for the weekend. $30 for about 10 days worth of food. GOOD food too- YAY! coupons ...

I think we're having homemade stroganoff tonight ... with french bread. Spaghetti, grilled chicken with mango salsa, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, homemade pizza, etc ... that's what's on the menu plan in the next few days. I got the stroganoff recipe (made with hamburger) on the Food Network- it's Emeril's - and it is GOOD. I've made it several times ... it's actually pretty easy - which can not be said for his recipes normally. He and Rachel Ray have really complicated stuff! My favorite person is Paula Deen. I have some of her cookbooks and her stuff is EASY to make- but she is trying to single-handedly kill off the population of the United States with all her butter, whole milk and heavy cream ... so I have to take it easy on making her stuff sometimes - but I DO love her!!!



Tracy said...

Oh man, that is some great sounding food!!!!

I really wish you lived next door and would invite us over for dinner.. Heck, I would buy your groceries if you would cook for me!

Miss you,