Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political Yammering

So today I'm going to talk about politics, because that's what's on my mind and the final debate is this evening ... watch it!

I'm actually not very good at talking politics and I'm no political powerhouse, like my friend Tracy- her blog is the Daily Hero or Zero listed below. If you want an education, go there- she lives and breathes it and makes it easy to understand. I wish I could do as good of a job communicating, but it's not my passion ... so I can't ... but I can, in my own little way, sort of talk about the things that are on my mind and maybe make sure you go out and vote. I'm just going to sort of ramble ... an uneduated ramble, at that.

First of all, I don't believe you should complain if you do not exercise your rights. Unless you are a convicted criminal and have lost them- I believe it's your duty to get out and vote in 20 days. If you don't vote, I REALLY don't want to hear you whining the next four years ... if you did vote and your candidate didn't win-try to make the best of it.

For good reason, the President does not have Absolute Power. Our government has a checks and balances system that even a third grader could understand. We have the House, the Senate ... the three branches. None more powerful than any of the others ... It is my belief that MOST of what the candidates are saying they will "change" will not come to pass .... if only because of the checks and balances system. I think it's ok that people like Conrad want to vote for McCain- not because he likes McCain but because McCain is a Republican and Conrad/Republicans are on the same page when it comes to gun control. But I do not in my heart of hearts believe that if Obama becomes President, he can REALLY abolish private citizens having guns. It's in our Second Amendment for goodness sakes and up until now- which is 200 something years later, it hasn't really changed ...

Most of my beliefs line up with the Republicans and I don't think it's because I am born and raised in the RED STATES- I think it's just who I am. But I have a liberal streak too - and I think most people are a mixture of both. VERY FEW people are absolutely and totally one or the other. So I try really pretty hard to listen to what each candidate has to say ... and try to vote from there ... and I have to say my choices are not that great. If you want to know who John McCain IS- go read the Rolling Stone article on him. It's on the internet- go to Google and type in "John McCain Rolling Stone article" and it will pop up. It's VERY disturbing and very unflattering and cements what I felt about him, as a person, all along ... I shudder to think that he will be in the White House. I think the President, largely is a figure head ... I am absolutely terrified we'll get some hot head in there that will tell the President of Iran where to stick it. He's been known to cuss and scream on the SENATE FLOOR!

Barack Obama - angry black man, Muslim, the Anti-Christ? No, I think he is none of those things ... I think he's in the wrong decade though- he would have maybe done well in the 60's. I like him as a person. I do ... but he comes off a little arrogant ... not angry and on the edge of an emotional outburst like McCain, but he comes off very arrogant like he know something we don't ... and I'd REALLY like to know what that is. I think his tax plan is ridiculous. I don't believe that Joe Schmo who works down the street and owns a mechanic shop- has had it for 20 years and now FINALLY has something to bring home to his family (over $250K) should have to give money to the family that had 8 kids and no one works. I don't think that is in any way fair ... it makes NO sense to me. I don't really believe in Welfare ... I think we are all put here with mostly the same capabilities and we're supposed to make our own way. I'm not sad that I don't make $300K a year and I'm happy for the people who do. I also don't feel sorry for the people who make minimum wage - they could do better ... as a figure head? I just really don't know ... I think he spouts off a lot about "change" and has no real experience. I think he'd do fine with the Preident of Iran, but would come off, much like Bush, as an uneduated moron ..

So you see, I am conflicted. I will end up voting for the lesser of two evils in 20 days ... and I'm not sure which one is worse. But at least I WILL vote ... and I think you should too.

In the end? I think it will be Obama. I think the economy is too far gone and people mistakenly believe it's all the President's fault. They think Bush did it and that Obama can fix it. That is my true belief ... can he fix it? I don't know - I think we have some major problems to fix internally if you ask me - like not paying these CEO's millions upon millions of dollars. My dad's a CEO, he doesn't make a million dollars ...