Thursday, October 23, 2008

Run Over by the Wagon

I fell off and got run over.

Ok, but I have an EXCUSE! It started raining when I left work yesterday and if you know Houston you know that means traffic! I had already planned to go straight from work to the library and grocery store but as I sat in traffic longer and longer I realized that poor Conrad wasn't going to eat until late. SO I BROKE and I called him and told him to meet me at Goodson's Country Cafe ... and I ordered WATER and no appetizer, no dessert .... just a quick dinner and we were OUTTA there ... I went shopping and he went home ...

Kroger is having their Mega Deal again- all the 10 for $10 stuff ... I got smoked sausage, I got breakfast sausages, bread, all KINDS of good stuff for not very much, plus of COURSE I had coupons!

Today I am going to Berry Hill Tamales for the $1 tamale day. Tonight I cook spaghetti and I will bring the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Spaghetti is always better the next day ... so goal #1 which was lunch at work everyday except Thursday I will make! Goal # 2 sadly was broken, but I'm back on the wagon starting tonight. Forgive me.

We have a family reunion for Conrad this weekend ... I will be meeting all kinds of people I've never met before. There have been special requests for the "newlyweds" to make an appearance. That surprised me. I don't even think of myself as a newlywed ... just Karyn and Conrad ... I was also thinking this morning that you always hear "the first year is the hardest" ... it really hasn't been. It's been very nice. No big fights or disagreements or anything like that. It's not like we've gotten married and then discovered terrible things about each other or anything- everything is just very nice and "right" ... you know?

I am also VERY displeased to announce something completely off topic. Conrad looked at me the other night (and now that I think about it he was REALLY REALLY far away when he said it) and he said that perhaps I had Yankee in my blood somewhere down the line and we ought to investigate it. When I started sputtering, he said no, no really- you could be like a Jersey Girl. That's all American.

OH MY DOG, maybe the first year is the hardest.