Thursday, October 9, 2008

Half Day

I took a half day today ... got lots of stuff to get done! Sometimes I really wish we could go to a four day workweek ... I don't think it will ever happen, but I know some people here wish it would. It would mean longer days ... but that day off would be SO helpful in errands. I give up half my Saturday's, it seems, running all over the place doing errands. So that's what I will do today and maybe Saturday will be low-key.

We have an A&M game this weekend to watch and also the Cowboys play Arizona on Sunday ... I'm a little nervous about that game after that- the Bucs. They are my stepdad's team and I don't like 'em! So this means if they win - I have to listen to an entire season of him going on and on and on- the year they won the Super Bowl I thought I was going to have to relocate - to Australia. If the Cowboys win, then that means months and months of emails and crazy voicemails ... from ME! May the best man win!

Did you hear Hugh Heffner (who is 80) and his girlfriend (who is 26) ... ok, his MAIN girlfriend broke up? So sad ... he told her they would never have children. Um, how SELFFISH is she? Why would you have children with someone you KNOW won't live to see them grow up. That's not very nice ... anyway, I read an article- he plans to replace her with SEVEN new girls. Um, wow. Ok- well good luck to him. He may die sooner than he planned.