Monday, October 13, 2008


I can not believe how badly my Dallas Cowboys played yesterday- they played about as well as any high school football team in Texas ... and I apologize to any high school football teams this offends. I am so beyond disgusted.

Here's the other thing- PLEASE let's have a game or two at NOON this year! I mean when you have a game at 3:15 and it's over somewhere between 6-7 and you LOSE, it ruins my entire evening. At least if it was at noon, it would be over at 3 and I could lick my wounds for a few hours and have a nice dinner. Instead, I am trying to eat my dinner and yell at you all at the same time. It's a health problem! Poor Conrad had to get up in the middle of the night and eat Tums. We're all upset ... although truth be told, I am ALWAYS more upset than him.

The only shining light in this atrocious weekend was that Texas beat OU - and I am ALWAYS grateful for that. Also, as much as I can't stand Florida, I hate LSU even more- I was pleased to see them take a beating too. I think at this time of year, the more violent the better! Nothing like a good beating to kick off the fall and Christmas season.

UGH- I am going to have to fix myself a delicious pop tart or two and try to heal myself from within this Monday morning ... I can't wait for BYE week.