Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is my favorite time of year- fall! To me it means the windows can be open, cool mornings, days outside where you're not dying, cooking out, FOOTBALL, fall candles, Thanksgiving, Christmas, shopping, hot chocolate, sappy movies on TV- the whole thing. I love it!

The mornings here have been in the 50's and it's REALLY nice to get from the front door to the car without all your makeup sweating off. I actually show up looking decent. Pretty soon I'll be breaking out the boots and skirts and sweaters. We get at LEAST three weeks of winter weather here. Um, seriously ...

Conrad played golf yesterday at work and he didn't get home until really late. I did NOT break with the meal plan though- I cooked a frozen pizza- I'll just move off the pizza rolls and frito pie until another day. Tonight is still grilled cheese and soup. I ate my beanie weenies yesterday and enjoyed the heck out of them. So far, my challege is going well. Meals eaten in thus far:

Saturday evening
Sunday morning, lunch and evening
Monday lunch and evening
Tuesday lunch (today)

For some reason, we don't do breakfast during the week ...

I am so proud! I haven't actually used my debit card for ANYTHING since Saturday ... that's nice too ... I filled up last week and so I don't even need gas but even if I did, the prices are falling more everyday. I guess that's the one good thing with the economy being the way it is ...

I watched CNN and MSNBC until I went to sleep yesterday ... I am obsessed with politics right now. Fourteen more days!!!!