Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday- Merry Chrstmas!


I am off today ... I'm actually going to go do some Christmas shopping. I think I can get one branch of the family done today or almost done.... which is a relief! I really inherited my shopping habits from my grandmom- that, or I just watched her and picked it up. My straetgy is usually shopping sales throughout the year. A good example is that last year RIGHT after Christmas, Kohl's had a huge sale on their nightwear and I picked up a $30 set for someone I kno would LOVE it for $12 ... I just stashed it away in a closet (Grandma did too- and also she had a cedar chest too!) .... and I keep a little journal with the persons name and what I've gotten for them. (My grandma did too!) ... and I keep it with me always. That way if I'm ever in a store I can consult it. When I've wrapped the presents I make a little "X" by the item and when I am DONE with that person I draw a giant "X" through their entire entry ... I am hoping by November I can a draw big "X" 's all over everyone's names except our nephews. We don't get the list for them until around November sometime. Then we can just shop for them and enjoy that during Christmas season.

This year I did try to do some creative gifts and some thoughtful gifts more than just BUYING people STUFF ... I will let you know how it goes over later this year ...

But I DO suggest people shop this way ... because I save a lot of money, time and stress when Christmas-time rolls around. I don't use those last three weekends running around like a mental patient. I drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies, bake cookies and enjoy the holiday. Try it!



DeeDee said...

one year I was almost done by Thanksgiving! Not anymore though - it is odd how having 3 kids will do that to you.

Liz said...

Oh. You are a wise wise woman. I did this one year, shopped the whole year. It was truly the best Christmas season ever. Lately I've slacked, usually running around like crazy at the last minute. But this year our family agreed to draw names, so I only have four presents to buy.Thank goodness.