Friday, May 23, 2008

Wedding Memoribilia

I have a terrible headache this morning... and just took four Tylenol. Looking at the computer screen hurts, but I'm going to try to motor through it.

I found the nicest way to keep all my wedding memories together. We have several beautiful new wedding albums but they are not really condusive to storing memories that aren't in the typical 4x6 picture size.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a photo box. This one is brown leather with fat white stitching- but there are all kinds available and they can be found at just about any store. I just picked this one because I wanted the box with us in the living room and it seemed to match up well. Well, what a fabulous idea! In the box I put in some extra wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations ... my two shower invitations (one has a whisk attached with a ribbon and can not really be put into a book). We have a few wedding programs, the correspondence from the President, the two photo CD's I've gotten with our digital wedding pics ... and eventually our wedding DVD, etc ... I tucked it all into this cute box.

Now the next idea is credited to my Aunt Robbie- but also fabulous! We got so many lovely wedding cards with so many words of advice and from so many people we love. Wedding cards have changed! Today they have glitter and ribbons and cute little die-cut sayings. They are not the wedding cards I remember my grandmother sending out. I couldn't figure out what to do with them all- until my Aunt Robbie mentioned stringing them all together. I found a maroon ribbon left over from the wedding and I took a one-hole punch and punched holes into all the cards, and strung them all on this ribbon and tied a pretty bow at the front. They all stay together and are easy to find AND they fit perfectly in my wedding box!

I think if you are maybe looking for a wedding gift ... this may be something fun to do and give to the next couple you know getting married. With all the scrapbooking paper and materials out there now, you could customize it. I think it's a great and throughful idea! It really was so nice to gather up all my precious wedding memories and put them in my pretty box.

I am going to go get more of them. I have some letters from both of my grandmothers who are no longer with us ... I have movie stubs and friends cards and wedding programs and playbills and so many things I could now bring out of the cabinet and put into a nice box, within easy reach and fun to share!



Jess said...

This is a brilliant idea! It will be so fun to look through for you and your family. I am totally going to steal your idea. Thanks!