Friday, May 9, 2008


We finally got a card from the President!

I had posted before that I had received a letter saying he would not be able to attend our event and that we were in "consideration" for a response, which I laughingly called the "offical turndown". It was from his Events Coordinator.

We got our card last night, but it wasn't a turn down.

It was a hand addressed envelope to Mr and Mrs Conrad M Hopkins ... It was a lovely card, nice card stock, vanilla with a full color, foil Presidental seal at the top, centered. I should have brought it to work so I could copy it and put it here, but it was just a little note with something to the effect of how special and wonderful marriage was and some little nugget of advice like "don't go to bed mad" (that wasn't it... but that was the gist). It may have said something like marriage is first and foremost a special friendsship ... and then best wishes for a happy life together. Signed by George and Laura Bush.

VERY classy! It will for sure go into the scrapbook. You know Jenna Bush is getting married tomrorow, here in Texas. It's a pretty low key event, I understand and I'm glad she did it that way. They appear to be down to earth people. Most Texans are. HA! HA!

Anyway, we were tickled to get the note. STILL nothing from Her Majesty The Queen. You would THINK I would have gotten some sort of regret or something. I thought the English had impeccable manners? I guess not?

The weekend is shaping up to be relaxing and boring! WE LOVE IT!

The fresh air market/produce stand I go to is opening TODAY and I am so excited! I am going first thing in the morning. They have the best corn available and for almost free. Conrad wants to head there and get that. I'm in the market for some fresh blueberries (I make killer muffins from scratch) and peaches (I also do a good cobbler) and I'm looking for some squash and things I can make for my lunches that Conrad won't come NEAR.

I've also decided to do my part to help the Earth. I've plans to go to the Dollar Store this weekend and purchase a plate and a nice coffee cup and bring them up here to work. I don't want to bring my personal stuff that's part of a SET, but I need to bring something up here that I don't throw away. I'm ashamed every time I drink coffee out of the styrofoam they offer here. So I am off to get that this weekend ...

and we DId say that after the stress of the wedding and now the house is put back together, we may take off tomorrow and do something fun. Maybe go see Ironman and have a nice lunch ... or take in an Astros game or something. We're craving something different from the norm.

Happy Weekend to you all!



Barrie said...

A card from the President? You're official now. :)

And congrats on going green!