Thursday, May 22, 2008


This week is dragging ... and I would have thought since I was off on Monday it would go fast. Off on Monday, half day and a luncheon on Wednesday and yet, I feel like this week has gone on for 50 years.

Work is not super busy and I think that has to do with the holiday weekend coming up. Canada had a holiday this PAST Monday so they are all slow getting back to work and then we have the holiday THIS COMING Monday- so people are starting to check out and take vacation, etc- plus all the proms and graduations going on. It's just a slow time work-wise because there are so many personal things going on.

Regardless, this is a fun time ... Conrad and I are fired up about the house again. We need to paint two alcoves- going into bedrooms. We have the paint the master bathroom and we have some extra paint from a goofup and will probably paint the laundry room too. The house was builder-basic and had that flat paint on the walls- so every little stain and handprint shows up on the walls that have not been re-painted.

We also have three new light fixtures and one ceiling fan to hang... and Conrad wants to redo his den. Even though the house is a bit on the small side for us, I am starting to think the smart thing to do is to make the house beautiful and perfect for us and hang on to it for awhile. We could probably get an incredible deal on a house right now, but we'd get hosed on selling THIS one and there's not a thing wrong with it. The closets are terrible, but I think we could probably got to the Container Store or even hire someone and have them re-worked and make them work for us. We are definetly ok in the house and money department ... just like most people we WANT WANT WANT what we want- and right NOW NOW NOW. But I think we can really make this house phenomenal and have a ton of fun doing it. I'm a bargain shopper from way back. Every single light fixture I find at a garage sale and drag back is a huge find!

So ... it begins this weekend with some paint and a few lights. I'm not going to try to do it all at once and burn myself out like I did with my house in Dallas. But I think if we get one light and the fan up and maybe paint one alcove I would say it was a successful weekend- and I think we could get those three things done in an afternoon.

Wish us luck!



Rebecca said...

Have fun. I wish I had a home to remodel....(pout)

Jess said...

House fixing up is so fun! Good luck!

Barrie said...

My feeling is that you'll get an incredible sense of accomplishment from fixing up the house you're in. And you'll be able to tell everything the background story on each light fixture, doorknob, window dressing. And that is pretty neat. :)

May Friday whiz by!