Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Simple Things

Ah, it's the simple things in life ...

I am having SUCH a good time with these darn $10 earphones. I listened to Kidd Kraddick yesterday morning ... then went onto and just listened to other people's playlists ... heard the Best of Dane Cook, Best of Chris Rock, listened to some 90's country (hey Garth Brooks!), some 80's everything, some old Hip Hop, some ladies of the 90's (Janet, Mariah, Celine) ... it was such a good time.

This morning I listened to Kidd again. Now I am just listening to 106.1 KISS FM as a whole. How comforting to just listen to my old station. I still love and miss Dallas with a passion. I absolutely love Conrad and am happy I made the move I did. I've never had a better job or made more money - BUT, I do miss home ... deeply ... and this sort of makes me feel closer, if that makes any sense. Even something simple like listening to the traffic report makes me feel like Dallas is just right outside the window.

I'm just getting a real kick out of this ... it's really the simple things in life. If I had known I would be so happy, so content and the day would go by so fast, I would have done this a year ago. I have been used to working for smaller companies. When you listen to things on their internet- streaming tends to clog up their system ... makes things run slower. We are a bigger company and I don't understand all things computer, but I understand we are on our own system- along with the other locations for our company- Kentucky, Louisiana, Longview Texas... so it's a much larger system and can handle my streaming. I am just having a ball!

You can even go onto the online site of the library and DOWNLOAD books on tape. I mean SHUT UP! But I tried it yesterday and I found out I could not concentrate on emailing and working AND try to keep up with a story too. I thought I could multi-task better, but this just proves what I've always known about myself ... I am a visual learner. When I was in 8th grade, I had a fabulous teacher, Ms. Baker and she was very into left brain/right brain .... visual/audio and she made us take all these tests. It came up 98% I am a visual person and the fact that I read the way I do and also that I sort of ... and I can't explain this ... but if I look at something, like a crossword or a word scramble, I do better solving it by looking at it, than I do to actually fill in the words or circle the words. I am able to solve puzzles better this way ... and I can easily read 1-2 books a day if I were at home, like on a weekend ... so the fact I could not SEE this book yesterday really convinced me I am visual. Conrad is the opposite- he is very much audio. He doesn't like to read and he listens to music, etc ... all day long. He loves the National Georgraphic Channel and History and Science programs. He gains more from what they say .... I do like them too. But I would prefer to read the historical account or the scientific explaination.

Ms Baker also ascertained I was perfectly left and right brained- which actually makes a lot of sense too. I'm not particularly gifted in math or science ... but I can understand the concepts. I'm not an artist, but I can think and relay my thoughts on marketing ideas and what things should look like- just can't draw them ... that pretty much represents a mid-range on both.

Conrad? I would say is straight up left brained. He can do math problems in his head and he still remembers equations from high school algebra ... can you say FREAK!

I can comment outloud, and have YES, that I wonder what the temperature is in Celsius right now and he can look at me with some disdain and figure out the answer in his head. It's really very disturbing. But hey, I can read and memorize a timeline like nobody's business! So THERE.



Shamelessly Sassy said...

This reminds me. I need headphones, desperately. Also, LOVED 90's Garth Brooks. LOVED HIM. You have a fabulous blog, by the way. I love the pictures in the sidebar.