Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gettin Stuff Done

It's already a good weekend!

Over half the thank you notes are out!
I mailed my dad's rehearsal dinner gift- which was a picture frame he couldn't get back on the plane.We put all the checks and cash we received (thank you!) into my business account for safe keeping. (The account is about to be used for business, but for now, it's empty). We've made a list of things we need or would like to have OR needs to be done to the house and will go over that tonight- but the money received will go a long way towards helping with that goal! I also just wanted all that stuff out of the house. Very stressful trying to remember where all the checks and cash are! :)

Conrad cleaned out the garage, we both put away gifts into their rightful places. I went across the street to see if the neighbor with the pretty yard wanted the leftover flowers from our reception. We know we'll kill them and we know she won't! I can't stand to waste anything- a trait from my grandparents- and I would hate for these lovely plants to die.

Conrad has gone off to the gun and knife show downtown and I am about to hit Bed Bath and Beyond. I wanted the salt and pepper grinder we registered for and also the tiered lazy suans. We need those for the spice cabinet. Everything we registered for that we didn't get is 20% off ... plus I have a 20% off coupon PLUS we scored major gift cards. This is MY KINDA SHOPPING!

I hope you are all having wonderful weekends! We are- and back to real life. But our life was always pretty awesome to start with, so this is no sad thing!



Barrie said...

Yay for the weekend! And yours sounds great! I LOVE Bed Bath & Beyond. And our local BB&B accepts coupons, expired or not. :)