Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Me

I saw this cute blogging site yesterday and the person did a Meet Me type section ... like 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me. So I decided to do that today- and the first person up is ME.

I will interview Conrad tonight and post his thoughts tomorrow. I was busy last night and had no time to interview. I was busy ironing. I wear less than 20% of all my clothes, usually, because I hate to iron! So I ironed last night and now I'll have "new" clothes for the next week!

1. I am pretty much convinced some horrible, dibilitating disease is waiting around every corner to take me. Every pain is a tumor, every headache is a blood clot, every pound lost is cancer .... It's rididculous, completely mental and I am powerless to stop it. WebMD is the worst thing to EVER happen to me. I love to self-diagnose.

2. I am obsessed with the supernatural. I'm convinced it's real and I really and truly think ghosts are out there. I watch shows about it, read about it, etc ... I feel ghosts around me- people I've known ... but I don't acknowledge them because if I ever actually saw one, I'd expire on the spot. So I love hearing about it happening to OTHER people. I do NOT want it to happened to me EVER.

3. I never liked dogs, until I got Blanca. I thought they were dirty, nasty and smelly and I would never even pet one. It's safe to say I HATED them. Then I met her, and it all changed for me. Now I see personalities in every dog I meet ... and I love them all. There is unconditional love- when it comes from dogs.

4. I think OJ totally did it. He just had enough money and enough dishonest lawyers to get him off. He's the first of the celebrities "behaving badly" to get away with something- to find a loophole in the legal system. Were it not for him, I think Lindsey, Paris and Britney would be in jail. Our country totally allows celebrities to run amock with no consequences. OJ started that- and I am convinced he did it. I don't think it was premeditated, more like a crime of passion.

5. I obsessively make lists. I have a To Do List for "right now". I have one for "Long Term". I have a 2008 Goals list- lists of movies I want to see, movies I want to buy, books to read, CD's to buy, clothes I'm interested in. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than crossing something off one of my lists. I prefer to do it, in a bright color and in a heavy ink- like a Sharpie. I don't know- I think it makes a STATEMENT!

6. I'm trying to get to all 50 states before I leave this earth. Right now I'm at 41. Which I think, is pretty darn good. Remaining to visit: Rhode Island, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, N Dakota, S Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada.

7. I am terrified to fly. I hate it. I hate being out of control. I can not stand to get into those flying tin cans. I used to cry from the minute I stepped into the tunnel. I used to work with people in Dallas, who refused to fly with me ... I am a HORRIBLE passenger. I've tried reading books on planes, I dated someone once who BUILT them. It doesn't matter ... nothing can convince me they are safe. I am paralyzed with fear every time I fly. I used to do it quite a bit for work; I just sucked it up and did it. The flight to Hawaii last year almost killed me and the flight this year to Spain very well may finish me off.

8. I hold grudges. If I feel you have in any way wronged me, watch out! I just don't let go that easily. I, of course, do accept apologies, etc- but there are some things you just can't let go with an apology. Sometimes people treat you so badly, you have no choice but to truly forgive and FORGET. There a lot of people out there I no longer speak too- because I think they are toxic. Not to other people, but for sure, they are for ME.

9. Mexican is my favorite food. I could eat it every single day for the rest of my life- for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My love started with Taco Bell and along with me, has matured for better food ... but I love it. I don't understand people who don't.

10. I have Graves Disease. Google it. It's changed my life more than you can imagine. It's made me gain weight, it's made me sleep less, given me hives, made me sluggish and tired and now I think it may be effecting my eyesite. I take medicine for it and will for the rest of my life. Every morning, I take a cute little blue pill. I am on the highest dose possible and sometimes, I still don't think it works. As far as diseases go, this is the one to have, but it does cause many small, annoying problems. It won't kill me- unless I don't take my medicine, but it's irritating as all get out!

Ok- tomorrow, meet Conrad!