Monday, May 12, 2008

Water of Life

Well, I've taken up drinking.

I've pretty much had too- if I ever want shelf space in my fridge again. I was being the hostess with the mostess a few weeks back, and I purchased some beer for people I knew would be in and out of the house, wedding week. Not all of it was drank, but some of it was. My stepdad and mom flew in - and so on their way to the airport, they dropped off the remaining beer THEY bought ... and then my brother in law and father in law had done the same thing- kept beer at the hotel, so THEY dropped their beer by the house too.

At the end of wedding week the only thing in our fridge was beer, BBQ sauce (favors from the wedding) and assorted corsages and my bouquet. It smelled like a funeral (flowers) in there. I got rid of the flowers, kept SOME BBQ sauce and poured the rest out ... and now I am working my way through the beer. It's slow going. I'm not the professional I guess I fancied myself to be.

In the past two weeks, I've gotten rid of maybe six bottles. The most I pack away is two at a time - although I KNOW I could handle more. But Conrad usually eyes me with some concern each time I get one from the fridge - but WHAT am I supposed to do? He COULD help a sister out- but no, he says his drinking days are behind him. Whatever. I'm taking one for the team. I've developed quite the taste for Bud Light- in bottles. Good stuff. I am now a bottle snob. No cans for me.

Anyway, during down time this week, I'm going to look for recipes using beer. I already know about the beer can chicken and my mom used to make these beer weinies which I know I like ... I'm going to look for some other things.

You all will be pleased to know I DID go Green this weekend and went right up to the Dollar Tree and got a beautiful plate and mug set to use at work. It's red and white. Very festive. I'm going to be like Martha Stewart eating my pimento cheese sandwiches while the rest of the girls kill the enviroment one cup at a time. We hung some pictures we got for our wedding ... and Conrad mowed the yard. I went to the library, the fresh air market (which is now open WOO HOO!), the bank, Wal-Mart, the list goes on. We did get out on Saturday for a nice late lunch/early dinner and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a few things we registered for and didn't get. We had $250 in gift cards and STILL have $66 left to spend!

... and do you know gifts are STILL coming in? It's like an extended Christmas. I got another gift card today and every other day there's a box by the door when I get home. Miss Manners says you have up to a year to send a gift. I'm not sure we have room for one year's worth of this ... but, it's been interesting!

That's all for now!

Waiting on beer thirty!



Jess said...

Wow, all that beer! Torsten would totally be happy to help you out if he were nearby.

DaDelle said...

Karyn, Try "beer" bread. It is yummy!!!

Love ya',