Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Couples Night

We have been officially invited to our first married couples night! I am especially excited because there will be MEXICAN beer there. I have been dabbling more in the domestic side of things- but I'm making a run for the border on Friday night!

We actually have hung out with these people before, it's just that now it's the three old married couples hanging out- instead of two old married couples and us swinging singles. HA! Now we're just going to be the only married couple without kids ... and the only married couple who has ZERO intention of having kids. I imagine in our child-bearing years, so maybe for the next ten or so, we'll be fending off all sorts of RUDE questions like: WHAT? You're not going to have kids? Then why did you even bother to get married? Well you'll change your mind- it's different when they're your OWN kids. It's very selffish of you not to want kids. I just don't BELIEVE it... yadda yadda yadda

Yeah- NO IT'S NOT. It's not different. Children are still kids and we still have no desire to have them. When the ten years are up- and we're well into our 40's, people will just give us sympathetic looks and maybe whisper behind our backs about our misfortune ... and talk about the poor childless couple. Which is fine, we won't be able to hear you from our FABULOUS LAKE HOUSE on the weekends. HA HA!

But alas, that is not what I want to talk to you about today. I want to talk about games today ... and more specifically my new favorite one. The last time we went over to our friends we were introduced to SEQUENCE and I love, love, love it. So much so I registed for it and my good buddy Candice (the mama from yesterday's post) got it for me for my Dallas shower. I was SO HAPPY!!!!

The game is hard to describe, but you and your team member are basically making sequences of five (twice) - you can go up and down, across or diagonal. If you have a Queen of hearts and there is a two of Spades next to it- you hope your partner has the two of Spades ... then there's something with the Jacks. The one-eyed Jack means you can take a piece of ANOTHER TEAM'S off the board- thereby destroying their plan! ... the two-eyed Jack is wild, so maybe you need a three of Diamonds to complete your sequence, so you use the Jack instead. It's BRILLIANT!

If your home has SEQUENCE, then it is a complete home indeed. If it does not, you need to take yourself to Target IMMEDIATELY and rectify the situation! This is the MOST fun game and the more teams of two you have, the better. It moves fast and it causes you to get very angry with your teammate and talk smack to the other teams around the table. When you're playing you begin to fancy yourself the wittiest, smartest, most strategic person on the planet. You start to wonder why the government isn't giving you daily calls to solve all their problems ... and why they haven't come to YOU to solve this whole Iraq business- because when you are playing SEQUENCE you're the smartest person on the earth. If you lose the game, then it was clearly your teammates fault- other people can't be trusted.

Anyway- run don't walk to pick up this gem! I will be playing it Friday night and I hope Adrian is my partner again because he is as ruthless and stuck on himself as I am and we make an UNBEATABLE team! He also semi-sort of introduced me to Conrad ... so I LOVE YOU ADRIAN!



DeeDee said...

yep - we own that one too! That is a fun game, not at much fun as you seem to think it is, but fun.

About the kid thing. It is unusual for people not to want to have kids. I can't imagine our life without them. However there are so many people out there that I think should NEVER of had children. I don't think someone should ever pressure someone else to have them though. I would much rather see people without kids then have them out of pressure and resent them all their lives or neglect them. However I do think if some accident happened and you got pregnant that your views would change and you guys would make great parents!!!

Dickie said... don't know Karyn very well do you? she has NEVER wanted kids..even when she was little!