Monday, May 5, 2008


Happy Monday!

The weekend was a good one. ALL of the thank you notes are out ... ALL of the Mother's Day cards are out. Our house is ALMOST back to normal. The wine rack has been assembled. I got my grinders AND ran to Linens N' Things last night and bought a new lamp for my side of the bed. Conrad had a nightstand and lamp, but my side didn't. My boss got me the cutest table, so I went to LNT last night with some of my gift cards and got the lamp. SUPER CUTE! The lamp is different than Conrad's, but I did match the shades - so they look very funky in there!

I cooked beef stew last night. YUM! Getting it in the pot was rather comical. First of all, I went to the store on Saturday morning and got a few things- carrots being one of them. Yesterday I went to add my carrots and nothing- they are on the receipt, but nowhere to be found! I looked everywhere and even my truck. So I went out to Wal-Mart and picked some up, got the Mother's Day cards and came home. Then about an hour later, I went to add my potatoes ... opened up the pantry and WOW, did you know potatoes can ROT? I mean ROT?! Well, they can ... it was really disgusting and I had barely just gotten them a few weeks ago. Off I go to Kroger - picked up some potatoes and came home. What should have been an inexpensive dinner, made with things I had on hand, and easy turned into a two hour shop-a-thon. The good thing was it was delicious! We both loved it. I don't know why I don't make it more...

Then something else funny happened. On Saturday, on the way to get my griners, my phone rang. It was Music Town. Conrad had driven himself crazy last week hunting down the newest Testament CD which came out on Tuesday. Being the good wife I am- I went to Best Buy here in the Galleria and they showed me that there was none anywhere in Houston and all were on order- coming in within two weeks. I said forget THAT- this boy is foaming at the mouth to get this CD. Everyday he comes home sad about it because he heard a new song off the album. So I called Music Town, which is a little place near our house- very "High Fidelity", if you've ever seen that movie- and they special ordered it for me. Should be in on Monday (today), they said. But they called Saturday and said it was in. So I told the guy I would send Conrad. But what I really said was, "Ok- well, it's not for me. I ordered it for my boy- I mean, HUSBAND. I will send him". I had never said it outloud before and boy was it weird! I laughed all the way to BBB. I have a husband. Huh. Wierd.

Anyway, he got his CD and I am new wife of the month!



Jess said...

Wow, you got your thank you notes out so fast! I am impressed and also a little intimidated, because we will totally not be THAT on the ball.