Friday, May 2, 2008

Back to Normal

Life is pretty much gonna get back to normal this weekend!

Our Best Man is a Texas State Trooper and he had some business in Huntsville these past few days. He came to stay with us last night and that was good. I felt SO guilty that I barely had any real QUALITY time to spend with anyone during the wedding, him included. So we had a nice dinner and talk last night. He's going back to the Dallas area today. I chuckled this morning as I was leaving. In the driveway was my shiny red truck and a Texas State Trooper car. Most of our neighbors, thanks to my loud and excited proclamations- as we were heading to rehearsal Friday night- know we got married this weekend. You KNOW they all went to bed shaking their heads, wondering what post-marital drama had occured in the house that we had to call in the State Troopers. Imagine their confusion when they saw the car still there this morning!

The house is a complete and total disaster area. It looks like a tornado formed inside and just exploded. We have gifts everywhere, BBQ sauce favor bottles everywhere ... cards, ribbons and decorations from the wedding EVERYWHERE. I put my dress and petticoats on one of the guestroom beds and while they served me well during the most important day of my life, I won't ever wear them again and so I think they really should go on Craigslist ... not sure why people keep them. They take up SO MUCH room and someone else could enjoy it. We are not planning on having kids and even if we did, any daughter of mine who married later on, would surely want her own dress, in the style of the time. I think I hear a GARAGE SALE in my future!

This weekend we're heading off to a gun show. If you know Conrad, this is no surprise. We need to clean up the house, we have absolutely no clean clothes to wear and we need to start writing our 200 thank you notes. :)

That's the plan.

I've been married almost a week. Hard to believe!

Karyn Hopkins