Thursday, May 15, 2008


Is it really only Thursday? This week is dragging for me, for some reason. I wish it were Friday already- Friday at about 1PM.

I have such problems being motivated lately- at work, at home, anywhere .... I think with the wedding now behind us, it's like a big giant SIGH and then- you're just lazy. We did get gifts put away and we have hung some pictures and put together some furniture .... but the curtains are still sitting on a chair, not to mention the curtain RODS are no where near the walls- unless you count propped up against them. I need to paint at LEAST four areas of the house and have been there 1.5 years- you'd think by now I'd have gotten some motivation and ok, ok- we did get the core of the house painted (living room, kitchen, dining, entry) and two bedrooms during that time, but STILL ... the ultimate in laziness!

I discovered fleas on my baby last night. FLEAS!

So today I am off to the store to get some flea stuff. There has been a mama cat and three baby kitties hanging around lately- not only did the mama cat scratch my baby's nose, she also hisses and threatens all of us when we go outside in OUR own backyard ... and now she has brought in fleas. Last night Conrad called me to come outside and that stupid cat was lounging on TOP of our neighbors house- just sitting on the roof, like nothing was going on. She is MEAN! I wouldn't let Conrad call Animal Control because I just can't bear it- if they put the mama and her babies to sleep, but really I wish she would MOVE ON. But she really is the most unpleasant cat you ever met- Conrad said it's because she's wild- a ferrel cat.

I guess that's it ... not an exciting post today.

Oh, Oh!

But this past weekend I did buy the movie with Hillary Swank in it- called "P.S. I love You". Well I LOVED this movie! Her husband dies of cancer and on her 30th birthday (a few weeks later) she gets a cake delivered and a tape recorder with a tape from him- and he says that he is going to help her through this and she'll be getting a letter from him, etc ... and she does. For an entire year- letters are sent to her with instructions for her to do something nice for herself, to clean out his stuff, to get a new job, etc ... it is a WONDERFUL movie. Totally my new favorite one.