Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Short Day

Another busy crazy day!

I have a procedure I'm having done at 2:30- so this is a short day. I also organized a potluck luncheon here at work today- and I totally forgot they fell on the same day. So really, my workday will end at 11 today instead of 1. It will take me awhile to heat up, organize, eat and clean up the luncheon- as soon as it's done, I might as well check my email one last time and head out. Conrad is meeting me at the doctor at 2.

This week is really flying, which is wonderful- I can't wait for Memorial Day weekend! I think we are devoting one day to the house- we have some minor painting and about 5 light fixtures to hang ... and then one day I think is devoted to fun- I think we're kicking around a movie and fondue day ... maybe fondue is cheaper at lunch than at dinner?! I don't know ... and one day is devoted to sheer laziness, which we are REALLY good at! We can lay around like the best of them. I have three books from the library I can be reading, new bubblebath to try out, etc, etc ...

Two more days!