Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Presidential Tan

Two topics today on the blog - and thanks to you all for your kind words for Blanca and her wonderful win!

First of all- tan. I went last night and did the Mystic Tan at a tanning salon near the house. I am white. Pasty pasty white- see through my skin, wow- how many veins do you HAVE white ... my dress is ivory and I think I need to be a tad darker to really set it off. Not to mention, having more color really does make you look like you've lost ten pounds. So I went last night to try it out ... because it fades in 5 days. SUCCESS! I went to bed white and woke up tan. I'm not like "laying on the beach in CA" tan ... but I have color. I would NOT lay under those lamps- I do NOT want to increase my chance of cancer of any kind and I am proud to say at the ripe old age of 32, I have nary a line on my face ... not even crows feet ... I have some other body issues , but skin has never been one. I have beatiful skin and thank you very much, I'd like to keep it ... I moisturize and exfoliate and I take good care of it. I would rather be a white young woman than a wrinkled and pruny old woman ... I am gonna be one HOT old lady ....

Anyway- the tan was a success! YAY! I even came to work this morning quietly, wondering if the girls would say I looked orange, but everyone was SO excited ... they said I looked GREAT and they could see the difference and I don't look orange at all. They all were asking about it and I'm pretty sure in the next four days, a few of them will be walking in here looking darker. HA HA.

Anyway- fab results! I am going to go back on Sunday (since this will have worn off) and get the base tan back- like I have today ... and then back again probably Friday morning to get it a shade darker ... so I will be perfect for the wedding day. I may go Thursday cause I'm a fraddy cat ... but anyway, tan thing taken care of!

Now the President. My parents thought it would be funny to send him and the Queen of England an invitation to the wedding. Never one to back down from a challenge, I did. Since Jenna Bush is getting married two weeks after me- I figured the family would be in Crawford so I sent the invitation there ... and figured that it would have a better chance of making it there than to the White House. I was right. We got a reply this week ... from his Events Coordinator. Very nice letter ... saying thank you for the invitation, the President is not going to be able to attend our "function" but they wish us the best AND, here's the best part ... I am being considered for an official response. Wow ... I am being CONSIDERED for an OFFICAL TURNDOWN. How exciting! Anyway- I kept the letter, for the scrapbook. It was nice of them to respond.

The Queen? Not so much- you would think with all their formality- they would send a formal regret. They only have like ten more days to get that to me! Otherwise, I will post it here ... and alas, their reputations will be shot.

They also wanted me to invite Texas Governor Rick Perry but I don't care much for him. Plus he's in Austin, less than three hours away and I was thinking, there was more of a chance for him to show up. So I didn't send him one. HA HA --- although I guess it would have been really something for the Gov'nah to show up ... the Queen hasn't replied so I'm wondering if she's gonna show up on her way to the Crawford Ranch for Jenna's wedding ... you never know, it could HAPPEN and I am just as worthy.

11 days ....



Rebecca said...

I wish I had thought of sending invites to the Prez when we got married. Hysterical!

And spray tan really does work.