Friday, April 11, 2008

Men Just Don't Understand

Men do not get how we feel about shoes! I am going today at lunch to DSW and I'm looking for some new black sandals. Conrad is baffled about why I need so many pairs of black shoes. Fine, I will tell you and you can tell ME if I am unreasonable or if all of our closets match. Here are the black shoes I have:

* Closed heel and toe black pumps- about 2.5 inch heel - good for suits, slacks, work stuff
* Closed toe, open heel black with white dots- 2.5 inch heel - good for more dressy situations
* Closed toe, open heel slip on flats- good for capris and for those days when I don't have a pedicure OR when it's just a tiny bit to cold for "real" sandals
* Steve Madden Black flip flops- causal
* Black flip flops with white and black beads in a starfish pattern- good for all casual; These are dressier and I can wear them to work- the ones above, I can not.
* Black sandals- open toe and heel, a bit of a heel on them- good for wearing 2-3 hours, but not all day. So I can wear these to church or a party or something- but never to work. My legs swell if I do.
* Black boots- winter
* Black flip flops with 2 in platform- my mom gave me these because she doesn't like things between her toes, but they are so cute and I wear them with capris... and they were FREE
* Black Clarks with white flower- got these at a garage sale, brand new for $4. HELLO!?

.... and finally, the ones that have caused this trip to the store. Last April I saw a pair of Clark's slipons at Marshall's. They were $40. I left them there and thought about them until June, when I went back. They were then $15 and I SNATCHED them up! I wear these maybe 3-4 times a week. Almost everyday- to work. They are sort of my everyday work sandals. But the inside sole is made of this weird, but super comfy fabric that unfortunately traps sweat and so now, after a year, they look fine but they STINK! So I'm looking for a new, less stinky pair. I can't even pack them and take them places. When I took them to Hawaii last year, I had to wrap them in a plastic bag so they wouldn't smell up my entire suitcase. I NEED NEW SHOES!

Now after having read all of that- you can SEE that I NEED every single one of those shoes listed above. Right?! Right!

......... and no, I do not want to talk about ALL the other shoes I have ... which Conrad doesn't also understand, although God bless him, he doesn't complain- I just KNOW he is bewildered. But I can't wear all the others everyday. I can't wear the turquoise ballet flats, or the silver Guess flip flops with the rhinestones on them, or the red slip on leather ones, or OMG! the PATENT leather red slips ons or the hot pink rhinestone slip ons I got on Ebay every single day! I don't really have THAT many outfits I can wear with my patent leather pink Lord and Taylor slip ons or even my patent leather light blue Enzo's ... those are just every now and then shoes. You know?! YOU KNOW!

Back to today at lunch- the also super wonderful thing is I got a coupon in the mail. If I spend $24.95 today at DSW I get the CUTEST silver bag- I don't know if it's a purse or an overnight bag because I can't tell the size, but either way, it is CUTE CUTE CUTE! .... and today, it is mine.

Ok- who agrees with me?!