Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bandanas and Bridal Veils

Well... scratch the tanning!

I have broken out all over in hives... legs, arms, back, neck, face... everywhere. I can't take it! So I guess I'll be white for the wedding. I can't use SELF tanners because of the allergy- but I guess I didn't think about this mist thing being made of the same stuff. I am miserable!!!!

Quick post to say... here are the pics of the bandanas I ended up doing. I killed the first idea of fabric paint and ended up with bows. I think they turned out fab!

Also, my hair lady called and said she could see me this evening. I did a quick touchup on my roots and then she put on the veil and we played around with the hair. This is for SURE the hairpiece and the veil and I am for SURE making the back really messy - but the individual pieces of hair will be a lot more separate and way cooler looking. We just did a quick dry run and tried to figure out if the veil would stay in and if it was long enough, etc, etc..

Here are pics of that too.

... AND all of the programs have been assembled. Thank you DVR~ I got that done this evening while I was watching tv. Awesome!



Toni said...

Sorry about the hives. BTW, your not supposed to let anyone see the "bride" before the wedding. But the hair and veil look great! :)

Rebecca said...

Wow - it it so close! How many days now?

DeeDee said...

hey - too bad about the hives. Just do the real tanning for the next week - one week of tanning is NOT going to hurt your skin.