Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We're almost there! I got so much done yesterday .... mainly I was able to finish up all the information I owed the DJ about times (for first dance, cake cutting, etc ...) and the songs we want- Dixie DID win the processional vote! ..... this is sort of a load off my mind.

I was going to stamp bandanas last night, but instead I did my taxes, which I suppose is good. If it comes down to the IRS being after me or the wedding mother's ... I'm going to pick the IRS every time. The wedding mother's can be scary ... but at least they can't freeze my bank accounts and charge me interest and penalities ... !

Read an interesting post today- wondering if any of you have the same problem. If you go over to my Cool Blogs link and see Jess ... go read her post today. She is also a bride to be. She posts today about arm bumps ... and I thought I was the only person in America who had this problem. She even has a link on her site to the medical information concerning this condition. I didn't even know it WAS a condition. Now before everyone gets all riled up, I KNOW I sometimes am a hypocondriac and I KNOW that I spend far too much time feeling for lumps and cancerous growths.... and heart palpitations but if you had my family history you would too! I fully admit that this is not leathal or dangerous in any way- but interesting that so many people have the problem, they had to do research on it and there's information floating out there about it.

Anyway- I have this arm thing too ... and I got a long veil because of it. I even told Conrad about it a few days ago. I think we've even talked about it twice ... and what a dear he is, pretending that he had no idea I had this problem ... like he's never seen my arms before or that he is so enamoured with my beauty and marvelous personality, he has had no time to inspect my arms for flaws.... HA! I had no idea it was an actual condition. It's really just sort of larger pores and they're red. I've had it my whole life. Funny thing is .... that the medical information says most people grow out of it. HA! I am 32- and haven't grown out of it yet.

We can put a man on the moon, lasso electrical power from the sun, we can make vacuum cleaners that run themselves and cars that run on vegetable oil, but we can't help young woman clear up their arm bumps for sleeveless super cute shirts in the summer, and strapless wedding dresses.




Jess said...

You should definitely go back to my post and read the comments because some people have recommended stuff that they claim really works. Also it seems that this condition is much more common than we both realized! This means that either everyone who has it lives in long sleeves all the time or that the bumps are much less noticeable to other people.

Also, if recommended treatments don't work then I am TOTALLY going with a long veil. What a good idea!