Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Gifts

Since Conrad and I have bucked tradition thus far, concerning this wedding, we decided we'd just go for broke. I think it's traditional that the bride and groom present each other with some sort of token. I was thinking a watch, a ring, a bracelet or necklace. Maybe it started because the bride would WEAR whatever necklace she was given during the ceremony or something. I don't know. At the rehearsal dinner, we are giving gifts to the two Best Men, and the parents, grandparents, rehearsal hosts ... and I thought we would present ours too.

But then I got to thinking about it and I presented Conrad with another idea and THIS is why we are perfect for each other. I thought about how much I WOULD love a new necklace- but he's never seen my dress- what if it doesn't match ... would his feelings be hurt? ... and do I REALLY need a new necklace right now? ... and he already has three really great, quality watches. I can get him a sight scope for his birthday ... this is our WEDDING, our UNION. We need something that means so much more, signifies something much deeper.

I came to him with the idea that perhaps the best gift is the gift of togetherness, activity, competitivness .... I suggested we go halfsies on a Wii- he wants Guitar Hero and I have a hankering to get out there and shake it to Dance, Dance Revolution. So I suggested we buy the console and both these games to start. He is IN! The smile that spread over his face was worth more than I can put into words and I know he loved me more at that moment.

I'd like to learn some culture, some songs - and dancing in your living room with wild abandon- well, nothing can be better. Conrad loves to laugh at me and make me laugh ... It should be healthy and I should enjoy some exercise, some activity and this is GUARANTEED to drive Blanca crazy. We so rarely are able to get on her nerves on purpose.

Monday morning, we are SO at Best Buy!



Jess said...

That is a great idea and I'm glad you are both on the same page about it. I hope you can find a Wii without too much hassle!

DeeDee said...

GREAT IDEA KARYN!! Only a few days left, don't stress too much and try to enjoy the day.