Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girls Night

No, not a bachlorette party .... I don't think we're doing that!

Conrad has gone to Galveston to work for the next two days. I suppose this is Blanca and my big night together ... before the wedding.

I have big plans. I have several shows DVR'd I probably need to watch- What Not to Wear, Trading Spaces, Paula's Home Cooking, High School Confidential ... and then I figured I would put the programs together with the ribbon while I'm watching TV. Also, for tomorrow night (he will be home late) I was thinking perhaps I could watch Stardust- it's one of my Netflix movies and one I don't think Conrad would be particularly interested in. It seems sort of Macbeth'y to me .... it has Michele Pfifer in it. Sort of a witchy show I guess ... fairies and things ... Conrad would so not be interested! So those are my two days of WILD livin' I'm going to be looking forward to. HA HA

Nothing much else to report ... I have two friends here at work who went to Kroger last night for the last day of the big sale I posted on last week. They each had something like 50% in savings. They are all about it now .... at least my being frugal has benefitted someone else! Coming up soon, I'm going to start the CVS thing ... I should maybe post about that one tomorrow ... too much involved to really get into it today.

Happy Wednesday!