Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Down for the Count

Well, last night was super fun.

It started off so well ... I was so proud of myself. The night before I made these little english muffin pizzas using a spaghetti sauce I had made. Delicious. I saved the spaghetti sauce and decided that last night I would just make some ravioli and we'd have a quick dinner. I just so don't like going home after working all day and then cooking for an hour when I get there.

Ravioli turned out GREAT! There really is something to letting spaghetti sauce sit for a day or two. It was great. After dinner and cleanup I decided a nice hot bubble bath was in order. Normally I put the bubble bath in and sort of swish it around and then come back. But last night I put the BB in and just left it. I suppose the original clump was still there on the bottom, because I stepped in, after getting my latest book to read and then HIT the deck! I haven't fallen that hard in FOREVER and like I told a girl here this morning- I don't think I have STRETCHED the way I stretched last night since I was about 15. I didn't really know it was possible to get your leg that high over your head. I am in SO much pain this morning.

I guess I stepped on the bubble bath and went flying ... I know my right leg when very high up over my head, and my body turned sort of weirdly and then my left leg ended up sort of behind me and scrunched up next to the bathtub wall. I caught myself with one of my arms, which is sore today. WOW, I am sore everywhere today. I thought for sure I would be black and blue this morning, but I'm not. However my BONES hurt. I didn't know they could hurt. But they do- deep into the marrow they hurt. I hope I didn't damage something internally ... and end up like 30 years from now finding out I knocked something loose and it will end up leading to my demise. (look! Hypochondriac Karyn is back!)

I suppose I should be grateful I didn't break something or bruise something that is visible in a wedding dress ... but today I really just want to sit with a bottle of Tylenol and maybe some whiskey.


P.S. We are getting the marriage license today at 3PM


Jess said...

OW! I take bubble baths all the time and OMG I am going to be more careful from now on. That sounds awful. I hope the pain doesn't ruin the fun of getting your marriage license!