Monday, April 14, 2008

The List

We have almost nothing left on the to do list, AND we narrowly missed my having a complete break down this weekend. I went into full pout-mode, but pulled myself out.

First of all, the lady who was doing the "dry run" on my wedding hair called Saturday- well, her husband did, she was in the hospital. No dry run for me- unless we do it this coming weekend. He didn't say what was wrong, but I think it was an injury- he called it an "incident". OOOOOOOkkkk...

We did get the two easels I needed assembled ... and they were wooden. I wanted them black. I spraypainted them both yesterday- three coats each and they were dry by nightfall.

Then the breakdown part. Our printer was WAY to slow - so Conrad had to take our programs to Kinko's and I was upset about it. Another $80 and I thought our spending was over. He took care of it and calmed me down but I already had to go with Idea # 2 for the programs and was already disappointed. The paper for Idea #1 was not printer friendly. Anyway, he got those done and last night I punched holes in them for the ribbons, but I did not assemble them- I needed a break!

Then breakdown # 2 - I was supposed to use the rubber stamp that says Karyn and Conrad, April 26, 2008 - with white fabric paint and stamp the solid color maroon bandanas. It ended up looking like a white fabric paint blob-mess. I was SO upset! I didn't want plain bandanas. Conrad, ever the wise one, told me to sleep on it. I did ... and came up with the CUTEST idea!

I took the bandana and made two slits in one corner and ran a white sheer ribbon through it and tied a little bow. I took the opposite end and did the same. Two white bows on each bandana and it looks FABULOUS! I took pics and will post them tomorrow. It's way cuter than the first idea. It's so classy looking and so simple and so cute. I am SO pleased with how they turned out. I did all 30 of them.

So, this brings our to do list pretty much to a close. I need to assemble the programs- but we can do that in the evenings ... and make my last minute phone calls to check on the cake and flowers and stuff. Otherwise. WE ARE DONE!