Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's Go Krogering !

I hope you have a Kroger in your area.

They are having their Mega-Sale thing right now. It's Mix and Match. They have something like 50 products involved. If you buy 10 of these items at X amount, you can get an automatic $5.00 rebate.

So last night I got $44.00 worth of groceries, for $16.00

and yes ... I can use and do normally buy these products. I didn't need them RIGHT now, but I think most of the grocery game is about stocking up in bulk on things you DO normally use and need, you just get them for a way better price.

Last night I used some coupons and Kroger DOES double and triple coupons as well. I think I had three coupons, so the savings really were just in the deal itself. Some things I picked up:

Manwich Cans - 50 cents, Lipton side dishes rice and noodles- 50 cents; Betty Crocker cake and cookie mixes - 50 cents. French's mustard- all varities - We didn't have Spicy Brown! - 50 cents. Scott Mega Rolls paper towels- $1.50 each. I had a $1.00 off coupon if you buy 2. So I got two and they were $1 each. Also pillsbury pizza crust, biscuits, french bread, cinnamon rolls - all 50 cents a container.

They also had the big 10 for $10 sale. With no rebate ; but still a deal. This was on Coke products, Totino's pizza and frozen veggies. Also buy 1 get 1 free big bags of Tyson frozen chicken breasts.

It was like Christmas and garage sale Saturday all rolled into one! I strongly encourage you to go. I got some GREAT savings!

It was SUCH a major score! I was on a high all night. I took everything out and insisted Conrad stand next to me while I told him the normal price and then what I paid for it. Poor thing, he doesn't get as excited about deals and steals like I do - but he DID say "I think I love you more now" which satisfied me. I'm not sure if he meant it, but he knew that's what I wanted to hear, so we give him points for that!



Rebecca said...

I love that kind of stuff. Alas, there never seem to be any sales in NYC - let alone a Krogers.

Jess said...

That is CRAZY. What a good deal! There's no Kroger around here but there is one near my parents. I'll have to tell them about this.

Anonymous said...