Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy and productive weekend!

Conrad took the mower in to be serviced, he went to Home Depot and got us a new fridge! Ours had something wrong with the freezer and we could never get ice out unless we chipped away at it with a knife.

I had my shower, super fun! But then ... where to put the gifts?! So last night we pulled all the cabinets apart and figured it out. I put all the "entertaining" stuff in the laundry rooms in the cabinets and closets in there, still in the boxes- easy to keep in there, I won't use it on a daily basis and they will stay safe. I think it was a good plan and it freed up SO much room in the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets! I also love, love, LOVE cookbooks. I need more! But he moved in this little buffet piece tht is perfect for cookbooks. It had some non-cookbook items in it though and I moved all that out last night too ... so tonight I can organize my little collection and make room for more of them that I will inevitably drag home through the years. I love to organize and re-do things!

I also ironed all of the bandanas (for the centerpieces).... and Conrad put together some of the parental gifts we are getting. I finished shopping for the mom's, thereby shopping for everyone is done! ....

and this morning I called the County Clerk and got the info for the marriage license. Conrad is in Galveston next week, so it's this week or never! As soon as he tells me what his schedule is, then we can get that license thing locked and loaded and we're off to the races!

Next weekend is assembling and spray painting the easels for the entrance and bar signs. Chugging right along!


P.S. Start praying the day of is a clear sunny day- with no rain. This IS Houston!
19 days