Monday, April 21, 2008

Name Change

Well, here we are- five days out. It should pass in a big blur. Today is a normal day, I guess ... people begin to arrive tomorrow evening, by Wednesday we'll have more than half of the parents- Thursday and Friday I've taken off work - and most other family members like siblings and the like will have arrived. Friday will be a wild day, for sure, then rehearsal, then wedding. I probably won't remember a thing!

Hives have cleared up. As of yesterday, I am back to my normal self. I went ahead and took a Tylenol PM last night because I KNEW my mind would be racing and it would start the week off wrong if I didn't sleep. But sleep I did- I feel good, and have a busy day ahead of me here at work. I have lots to get done before I leave for a few days.

The biggest thing, for me, personally, has been decided. It wasn't like I wasn't going to DO it, I just had to think on it really hard. I AM going to change my name. There's nothing in the world wrong with "Hopkins", it's just that I've been an "Abercrombie" for over 32 yaers. That's ME ... it's who I AM and I think I was struggling with that. I thought about Abercrombie-Hopkins but like Conrad said, "Well- YOU'RE the one who has to sign that everywhere" and signing Abercrombie on everything my whole life hasn't really been a picnic. There were plenty of times when I was jealous of the White's, Jones, Long's of the world... people with four and five letters instead of 11. Anyway- I think the excitement of changing the name is more for the younger bride. By the time you get to my age, well, it's just more of a hassel legally- you have credit cards, cars, houses, bank accounts, so many things to change. So many things you've acrued over your life.

BUT- anyway, I am changing it. I am happy and proud to be a Hopkins and a Hopkins I shall be, once the certified marriage license comes in and I can prove it to the Social Security Administration. I AM going to drop the Elizabeth though ... so I will be Karyn Abercrombie Hopkins. I will probably go ahead and have the credit cards switched over to reflect the whole name ... but I'll be signing things Karyn Hopkins ... in the next few months.

Ok- well, crunch time folks! 5 days ....

Karyn Abercrombie


Barrie said...

Five days!! How time flies... I'm sure all will go beautifully!