Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am pleased to announce the State of Texas has seen Conrad and I fit to marry. We are not cousins, or related in any way ... neither of us have any warrants (dodged a bullet on that one! KIDDING!), we are not married to other people (I wondered about Conrad ....) and have never been married to other people, therefore neither of us has been divorced in the last 30 days... and better still, neither of us has children, therefore neither of us pays child support ...

In just a few minutes and after proudly announcing the cities of our birth, we were handed our license and ushered right back out of the door. WE ARE LEGAL. WOO HOO... that was such a major thing out of the way. It is a PAIN in the butt to have to leave work and go to the court house and get all that figured out. I am glad it's done!

Today is my boss's birthday so we are doing a potluck here for lunch. I went last night and got shrimp and meat and made some taco meat. We are having a taco/tostada bar - should be fun. I also have to figure out some time to sneak out of here and get the birthday cake. Today will be busy and most none of it work related. HA! Those are the days I love ...

I also have to have to have to finish the programs TODAY. I will be working on that later, let Conrad review the final copy before letting the printer just go to town. Doing it ourselves was $30 - and everywhere I went to get estimates was anywhere from $240-500. What a rip off.



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