Friday, April 18, 2008

K Puffy

P Diddy gets a nickname- so do I.
K Puffy

I blew up like a blowfish yesterday. By 9AM I was sitting here with a my right eye swelling up and then it was a quite a day! Three hours in the doctor's office, a shot in the butt, going to drop off prescriptions, going home, passing out ...

The bumps on my face aren't GONE, but they are much dimished .. the ones on my neck are faded and then the ones on the rest of my body are gone. At least I can sit and work today without scratching everywhere, but I'm very tired. They gave me something like the equivalent to 6 Benadryl and if you know me, you know that 1 is pretty hard stuff for me.

Anyway- back at work. Everything seems to be ok ...

and as for not seeing the bride before the wedding- true. But that means full out bridal costume. No one has seen the dress or jewelry or anything and that won't even REALLY be my hair. At the point the pics were taken, we were at the halfway mark.

I'll be completely different, no worries.

.... and I would just like to add that I AM going garage saling tomorrow. I know our house is filled to the rafters especially after the showers ... but I always feel I am missing out on something if I don't go AND I don't ALWAYS bring home kayaks ... maybe just some ribbon and some cross stich stuff ... or a nice new necklace and a couple of books I haven't read and will later donate. You never know. But I'm GOING!


Edited 2:40PM- bumps on face gone, bumps on neck worse and red.
Don't feel well due to the steroids, I guess. Feel tired and ick.


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