Monday, November 12, 2007


I almost feel normal again...
Ok, so yesterday the Blogger cut off all my picture adding. I was talking about the pool at the resort and how I wished we had more time there- it was spectacular. So here is just the pool itself early one morning before it was overrun with all the honeymooners - there must have been 2000 of them... all the girls with their shiny new rings and all the boys who looked bored out of their minds.

We did get to spend a lot of time on the beach. There wasn't a ton of room really to lay out- but plenty to walk on and so we did. We walked and collected shells. Here's the Rad-Man getting his coral.
Then we had a night where they let the entire group split up (about 75 people) into groups of three and pick from a list of three restaurants to go to. We picked Kimo's- it was on the water. The dessert was Hula Pie which I guess is kind of famous- but it's basically an ice cream pie. Pretty good- but another restaurant served Creme Brulee which is my FAVORITE- but oh well, the Hula Pie we won't really normally get anywhere else.
So we got all gussied up (or as much as you can in Hawaii) and went out. This was us, getting ready to go- the background is where they hold the Luau.

A few nights later- they gave us money and we got to go where ever we wanted. We picked Pacifico's on the beach in Lahaina- which is a little fishing town a few miles away from the resort. This is where we went to shop. We had been to Lahaina earlier in the day to get shot glasses, my magnet, the frame I always buy for my pictures... and we had stopped into a jewelry store. Conrad saw a wedding ring he really liked, he tried it on and they offered 60% off. We thought about it and left... we went back to Lahaina that night for dinner... and he ended up going back to buy the ring... it was a great deal and it's very pretty. I'll have to see if I can take a pic of it. If anything, it's a nice memory and also cool to be able to say you bought your wedding ring in Hawaii. He wants to wear it now, but I said NO!

Here we are at Pacifico's.
Alrighty- that's all for today- I can continue tomorrow!