Saturday, November 17, 2007

Attention K-Mart Shoppers

Today has been a whirlwind shopping day!

First of all, we drew names at work for Secret Santa. It's three straight days of gifts, given secretly and with a $30 limit for all total. On the third day we have our Christmas luncheon and you get to guess your Secret Santa. I drew the most difficult to shop for person there is in my group. I can divulge no more in case my co-workers read here... but let's just say I have been CREATIVE!

So this morning I got up and went garage saling. I was looking for a few things like baskets I need for this Secret Santa thing. GRACIOUS- it was the BEST haul in years. I drug home brand new KEDS shoes in my size, never before used things from a newlywed couple who were selling off their gifts, an unopened Mary Kay bath set that I KNOW retails for $45- I got that for a buck... and a kayak. Let me explain. My dad has had kayak fever for about three years. Last year he finally got one and he's practiced and done well- and I thought there was no way he'd want another one. But on the off chance, I called him up this morning and told him I'd found a $500 kayak for $45... and he practically screamed at me to get it. He wanted me to sit in it so no one else would get it. I had to give the man $10 to hold it and go back to the bank to get more cash. Lucky for him (dad) I'm driving to Florida for Thanksgiving next week anyway- so it just happened to work out. He said he gets lonely on his own boat and was looking for another one so other people could go out with him. It is kind of a solo sport. Frankly, it's probably safer this way anyway. I always hated to think of him out on a river somewhere alone, rolling his kayak. I digress... I got the dog gone thing in my truck and came home. You should have seen Conrad's face when I hauled an oar out of the back of my truck. :) Poor thing probably thought I had one of my off the cuff moments and had decided to take up kayaking in the Gulf or something.

Then I went to Tuesday Morning and Target and FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I rock the cas-bah for sure!!! The only person I have left is Mr Conrad himself. I already know what I am getting and where I am going- and since we are always together I gotta wait til he is at work. I took a few days after Thanksgiving off and we'll be back in Texas- so I'll go then and get him done. By the time I get back to work I will be DONE!


See? Whirlwind shopping day!


Pic attached is of my dad teaching himself to kayak in his pool this summer.