Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Just a quick post before we head out of town. I'm at work this morning, so is Conrad- I think we're meeting at the house around 2 to load and go. I-10 is shut down between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, so there are big delays to have to deal with. NOT looking forward to that!

But very excited to see my family!

I also wanted to add, I re-read my post from yesterday. I don't know if I came off sounding diva-like or whatever but I wanted to explain the furniture thing. I think for the long haul, with two people and a dog who refuses to sleep in her own bed, a King is the way to go. When we were in Hawaii we slept in a bed that was like no other we had ever encountered. We were so enamored with it, we pulled the sheets off to see what it was. I haven't slept well since I left Hawaii- Conrad either. So we went to the store, on a strictly a fact finding mission- I THOUGHT... but once Conrad Hopkins got there and found his bed, that was all she wrote... so we went ahead and got it. The bed in the master now is a queen, so we had to buy a King to go with the new mattress. I guess because furniture isn't something you buy every day- we just decided to go ahead and do it right, get all the pieces we wanted and a nice set we could use for a long long time.

Conrad assures me that I need to enjoy my new bedroom suite, my tables he bought me in April and my ring, because he said he is doing all the good stuff now- so I will want to marry him still- all this spoiling that is going on. He says enjoy it now because I am not getting new furniture again for a long time and this diamond should not ever need to be replaced or upgraded.

Ah Conrad- so innocent (shaking head), so misled...


Dickie said...

hey, forgot to ask, did David like the kayak? stay safe, love ya