Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm a total schlub. I still have not downloaded all our fabulous Hawaii pictures. I got home last night and was SO tired from working all day on minimal sleep. So when I got here, Conrad suggested we go out to eat and I said NO - no more of that! That is making me fat! So I got up and cooked a very nice dinner and used turkey sausage- see, healthy!

Then I pretty much passed out. I woke up at 9 this morning- I haven't slept til 9 in ages. I needed to get up though- I had a nail appointment. I had let my nails go cause we were out of town and who knows how much those Hawaiian nail people charge! So I went there this morning and on the way home I thought about stopping at Wendy's for a Taco Salad. But I said NO- and I came straight home and ate the rest of the left over turkey sausage. See? I am being GOOD!

Tonight is homemade tacos. Not the healthiest thing, I guess- but healthier than going out. I told Conrad we can go out ONCE a week and that is IT. We are ON the plan - eating at home, walking and Turbo Jam.

We'll see how long this lasts... anyway, I need a nap. I am almost back to normal, but not quite there yet. Tomorrow should be a normal day.

After my nap today- I am off to the library and bank and then I need to stop in downtown Tomball. I drew my mother-in-law-to- be's name in the Christmas present drawing this year. There's a few stores down there that have some super cute things that I think she needs and just can not live without. We have lists we go by and I AM sticking to the list, but a little thing here and there that I think would make her happy- well, I am getting those too.

K gotta go lay down. Shopping and blogging- exhausting.