Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the Road Again

Craziness abounds!

We went Saturday night and bought a new bedroom suite for the master bedroom. This one is a king it has an armoire which I am SO stoked about! I get to actually hide the TV and get rid of the stereo cabinet in there. SO HAPPY! It's being delivered the Monday after Thanksgiving. Conrad has been busy dismantling his office so we can put my Queen set in there and have more room when people come visit.

I finished all the Christmas shopping and only have Conrad now to finish up. I will get him done on Monday or Tuesday of next week- we also have a cake tasting and I am going to swing by County Line and get some general information like where can a DJ set up, are their plugs outside, can I change the beer kegs to a different beer, etc... I have an entire list written down. Won't they be so excited to see ME coming?!

We leave tomorrow for Florida... taking Conrad down to see the daddy-kins. Should be a good time, but a little rushed. We plan to stop and sleep in Biloxi overnight and then onward to Madison, FL. Conrad does not yet have Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia. My first reaction upon hearing the news was - "WHAT? And you call yourself a southerner?", but I have since calmed down. I am stopping in MS and AL so I get his picture in each state (PROOF) and then of course, we will make a jaunt to Valdosta, GA on Friday to shop or something. Maybe he can try a good ol' Georgia peach or something on his visit. HOW EXCITING!!!! It is not often one gets THREE new states in two days. I did it once- I got Michigan, Indiana and Ohio once in three days... oh wait- and then there was that time I got Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in two days. Ok so well, for ME it's pretty normal, but not for others. We have yet to print out the US map for Conrad to color in where he's been- shocking I know. My entire family has maps and all my former co-workers at Pro Pac had them too. I forced everyone into my little game. The only person I know who has beat me is Ms Tracy Curtis- King who has all 50. Because I love her, I forgive her- but the rest of you better let me win!!! NINE MORE TO GO.

Ok- off to the races. I have so much to do... including strapping a kayak into the back of my truck....