Thursday, November 29, 2007

Round Two

So I told Conrad I had posted about my crazy hot ham n' cheese inspired breakdown. He said he will be interested to log on in a few days and see if anyone has commented. Clearly, he still thinks I am in the wrong on this one.

We ended up hashing it out again. He said what bothered him the most was the tears. He has never cried over a hamburger in his life. Well me NEITHER- I was crying over a hot ham n' cheese. There's a huge difference. Hello?!

Anyway, no resolution. He still is confused and scared of me and I still say it was at least 30% his fault I got that bottomless heart attack in a bag.

The good news is he has gotten almost the entire office cleared out. I saw it last night- VERY impressive. I will paint it this weekend and move in the queen set that was mine in Dallas. So it should be a pretty snazzy room. Conrad wants to keep his Bevis and Butthead poster up, but I am not on board with that... poor thing- he needs his own room to decorate. Maybe I should go get him one of those sheds they are always selling in the Home Depot parking lot- he could put up as many Beavis and Simpson's posters he wanted...



Dickie said...

Bad Conrad! just keep a box of tissues around and accept blame for everything and it will be fine!