Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane

Tomorrow- for Detroit. Gotta go on my first bizzzzzzzzniz trip for Westlake Chemical. Plan to go see an old school chum while I'm there as well. So I may not be posting til Friday or Saturday.

I have a few more pics from the island.
Our last night, they shut down the Maui Ocean Center (aquarium) for us and we had dinner there at the Seabreeze restaurant. Good fun, good company- for me, once you've seen an aquarium, you've seen them all. For me, the most exciting part was seeing all the coral. Conrad and I had been collecting it all week, so it was sort of cool to be able to see it alive and well and reading all about it...

But I digress- it was a wonderful time, but it was HOT HOT HOT. It was Houston HOT in that place... all the pics are of us bloated and sweaty. It was an open air restaurant, which in theory is very nice and romantic, but in reality it's hot and uncomfortable and I may have contracted malaria from the insects. Not sure yet. Here are some pics from the Maui Ocean Center and Malaria Center. HA HA

.... and here's a pic of me, on a hammock, near the beach. The hotel had several of these and they were so much fun! I was surprised how often they were empty. So I hopped into this one and almost fell out- I was swinging back and forth so hard. Poor Conrad had to stop me and help me out!
More to come- after I get back from DETROIT ROCK CITY!